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Peter Boyle, if you didn't already know, is a great comedic actor, who starred in, and won an Emmy for his role in, my absolute favorite episode of The X-Files, "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose".

Congratulations to Peter for his 2000 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series for Everybody Loves Raymond!

     Mr. Boyle passed away on December 12, 2006. My condolences go out to all those who grieve for his loss. I will remember him well and am glad that he brightened my life while he was here.
     Those who wish to show their appreciation of Mr. Boyle's life may want to make a gift to his alma mater, La Salle University, or New York Presbyterian Hospital.
     You can leave a memorial message at
     I have no information on any services or addresses to contact Mr. Boyle's family.
     More information can be found at The Hollywood Reporter
     Fan Memorial Comments

I've found a few articles about Mr. Boyle. There's one from the L.A. Times t.v. listings, another from T.V. Guide, and a third from "Beyond Mulder and Scully: The Mysterious Characters of 'The X-Files'" a new book about X-F guest stars. There is also an interview with Mr. Boyle on the CBS page. A February issue of TV Guide featured a cover story on Everybody Loves Raymond

The Record: Doris Roberts; May 15, 2000

Off the Hippies: `Joe' and the Chaotic Summer of '70The New York Times; July 30, 2000

New York Post Online & the San Jose Mercury News.

E! Entertainment Television

Democratic National Convention 2000 in Los Angeles.

CBS Watch! Magazine plans to run a feature on Mr. Boyle mid-2007.

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And for those of you interested in Peter's father, Pete Boyle, who did early local television in Philadelphia, visit TV Party online info on Pete.

Thanks to Gerry from the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia, I now have some more info on Pete Boyle for you:

  • Pete Boyle in 1954 photo, b/w
  • Five Photos of Pete Boyle b/w
  • Pete Boyle in 1957 photo, b/w; audio clip

    To speed up loading time, I haven't put many pictures on this main page, but if you must see more Peter Boyle, click away:

    For information on all of Peter Boyle's work, visit the Internet Movie Database.

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    You can contact Peter Boyle at:
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    c/o CBS/MTM Studios
    4020 N Radford Avenue
    Studio City CA 91604

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